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Friday, March 1, 2013

Birmingham Bridge Tavern

The wonderful folks at Tendo Review did a write-up of our boneless wing eating competition with Unlock Pittsburgh on valentines day. I'd talk more about the competition, but I think they've already done a fantastic job.

If you haven't been to the Birmingham Bridge Tavern (the real BBT), go try the golden boy wings. The sauce is a buffalo honey mustard hybrid and it really hits the spot. More importantly, the wings here are consistently great. They are always adequately prepared and perfectly crisp. Although I've had wings here at least twenty times, I've never once suffered severe butt trauma like I did at Local Bar and Kitchen. The boneless wings aren't really my style, but these fatties sure wolfed them down on valentines day. Here are photos of the respective winners for each competition.

Mike: Seven Minute Competition Champion
Tracey and Matt: Couples Competition Champions

Scott: Overall Champion and The People's Hero

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