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Friday, March 15, 2013

Blind Pig Tavern

Little slices of heaven.
For some reason the Blind Pig has the United States constitution written on the wall behind the bar (specifically the 18th amendment). Every time you do a jagerbomb or a grape ape it is basically like Thomas Jefferson is judging you. There are two things you need to know about the Blind Pig. First of all, their specials are incredible. I mean top notch. There is a beer discount everyday and on Wednesdays they even run an all day happy hour. The all day happy hour includes half off  ALL appetizers. Take that Thomas Jefferson and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board! 

The second thing that you need to know is that the little doughy calzone things they call rolls are just wonderful. My favorite is the one stuffed with rib-eye and cheese. I'd say they are pretty similar to D.P Dough, but much better. The dough itself has a better texture and the ingredients and cheese are also far more delicious. (Sorry D.P Dough, don't worry, it is still your fault that I am overweight because I ate you everyday in college.) I pretty much order the steak roll every single time I visit the Blind Pig as it is ridiculous-delicious. Also, I tend to enjoy cramming the pulled nachos in my face. They are fantastically non-mexican, as in, covered in barbeque sauce, pulled pork and cheese.

While I'm giving you tips, here are two more. Don't get the grilled chicken wings, they are a disappointment. Also, they call their sandwiches sammies and I think that is just great.


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