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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Osteria 100

Deja Vu.
So, I was all but certain that the charcuterie plate at Osteria 100 was the exact same as the charcuterie plate at Cioppino. And a trip down memory lane to check my blog post for Cioppino from December of 2011 confirms this suspicion. Cioppino Review - 2011 It was the same charcuterie plate! To quote a younger and more handsome version of myself (no, not my little brother), "this anti-pasta plate..... pictured above, was really fantastic. The meats were fresh, recently sliced and flavorful. I was very appreciative that the plate came with a variety of vegetables and two different types of cheese."

Over a year later my feelings remain unchanged. Cioppino and Osteria 100 are sister restaurants and they serve a damn good charcuterie plate. (Arguably one of the best in the city.) The variety of ingredients keeps everything interesting and balanced.

While Cioppino was extremely happening when we visited in 2011, Osteria 100 downtown seems to be lacking in patrons. I think the restaurant is just situated in an odd location that fails to make it abundantly clear that it is not connected with the Point Park campus. I hope that people catch on. The food, service and drinks were all incredible. The happy hour menu offers half priced sandwiches, discounted sliders, four dollar glasses of wine and a variety of reasonably priced cocktails.

The fatso strikes back.
Here's a picture of a meatball sub I ate after everyone left! It was very good and consumption of the sandwich required the ceremonial loosening of my pants. The hardest part about meatball subs is trying to consume them without having a meatball or sauce disaster. The proportionality of the sub made this possible - I'd like to thank the academy. I also want to thank the staff of Osteria 100 for providing us with free mushroom bruscetta. It was delicious and spicy and the cattle loved it!


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