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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wine Room: Market Street Grocery

Having lived in Pennsylvania for the majority of my life, I am not accustomed to the luxury of enjoying a glass of wine when visiting the grocery store. Such an experience seems like an extravagance reserved for Parisians -- or, you know, people located basically anywhere else in the United States like say, New Jersey.

Eating an entire chicken by yourself has never been more classy or acceptable.
One of the really cool benefits of drinking in the Wine Room at Market Street Grocery is that you are allowed to go purchase and sample whatever you want from the grocery while you are downing the vino! In addition to all of the wonderful appetizers provided by Wine Room, we indulged in two rotisserie chickens and a number of tasty macaroons. There is honestly nothing better than paying grocery store prices for an entire chicken while you have some drinks with your friends.

So many meats.

The Wine Room at Market Street Grocery offers a variety of cheese and meat through a small menu available in the Wine Room. I believe we sampled some blue cheese, gouda, manchego and a soft sheep's milk cheese. All were fantastic and well priced for snacking. The prosciutto was the first to go, followed by our sobriety. The staff also graciously provided the entire bar with some soft pretzels close to closing time.

Don't whine, wine.

The wine at Market Street comes from Collefrisio Wines. The night we visited I had the opportunity to try a number of different montepulcianos. The wine menu itself is rather limited as all offerings are exclusively from Collefrisio. However, this is also works to the benefit of the casual wine drinker as bottles were very reasonably priced, with happy hour pricing many of the different bottles could be purchased in the $16-$25 dollar range. Although I do not pretend to be a wine connoisseur, I can say that I enjoyed the Collefrisio wine as I purchased several bottles.

Overall I highly recommend visiting Wine Room for the intimate atmosphere, the great staff and the wonderful opportunity to eat your groceries while you drink!