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Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Amsterdam

Pierogies and Kraut

I've unilaterally decided to shorten the name of New Amsterdam to, "Newammy's."  I think it has a better flow and style. The first thing you should know about Newammy's is that they have a very attractive Asian bartender. She's got this alternative look going on and she's a very polite and spry little minx. I believe that three separate happy hour goers, including a woman, mentioned their affections for this bartender.

The second thing you should know is that the food is overrated. The locals seem to cherish the culinary happenings here for some unknown reason. (Further proof that Lawrenceville residents are dummies.) The pierogies were fine, but they were obviously Mrs. T's pierogies. The Mediterranean plate was the real disappointment.  Some lousy artichoke spinach dip and hummus served with olives and a surprising lack of bread. I asked for more bread two times. It never showed up. The night slowly crept away and then the waitress stole my Mediterranean plate while I wasn't looking. Don't they know they shouldn't waste food! There are starving children in Dormont!

Additionally, the mediocre chicken wings are mediocre and the bar is very loud. At least that one bartender is really hot.

That one piece of bread is so sad. Where are his friends?

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