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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Le Lyonnais

Wild Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pate and Tres Fromages

Le Lyonnais offers one of the best new happy hours we've visited this year. Their happy hour menu should be celebrated throughout Pittsburgh for its elegance and style. The specials are really attractive for both food and wine. Surprisingly, they even have a Jaegermeister special? I dare you to find me one happy hour menu in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that includes both Jaeger shots and chicken rillettes. Go on and try. I'll bet four rounds of Jaeger shots that you can't pull it off.

I've heard some complaints from others about the service at Le Lyonnais. While I had a pleasant experience, I could see how things could be rocky as we were delivered two incorrect appetizers. This actually worked to our benefit though as they let us keep the appetizers free of cost.

Crotch Cheese
My personal favorite happy hour food items were the tres fromages and the veal and pork meatballs. The cheese selection was great  and I really enjoyed the spiced yogurt that accompanied the meatballs. Others seemed to love the poutine, but I find it simply outrageous that a restaurant offering food from Lyon would serve poutine.

Make no mistake, THIS IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. Here is an article some asshole wrote about how calling poutine Canadian is cultural appropriation because it is specifically from Quebec. Similarly, I am outraged when individuals fail to refer to one of my favorite foodstuffs as a hamburger sandwich and identify the disputed origin as Texas. It's as if the cretins know nothing of culture and don't care about the lovely people from Texas.

In addition to the $3 Jaeger shots, they also offer steeply discounted wine, $3 domestic beer, discounted cocktails and a variety of other great appetizers. Bon appetit, or as they like to say in the culturally unique Lyon region of France, bon appetit!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mix Tape

Mix Tape is the most peculiar little spot that I've visited in many months. Here are some of the various oddities you can expect to experience.  Tips are not accepted, bean bags are used as actual chairs by semi-grown adults, orders are only taken at the bar, the menu is very limited, there is an outrageous selection of board games, and reservations are not possible. 

Mix Tape is a socialist experiment hell bent on serving healthy vegan food in a nurturing environment. The night we attended Mix Tape there was a dream board workshop. I'm disappointed to say that after nearly 60 days I have accomplished none of the items on my dream board. My trip to Mix Tape will always serve as a reminder of how I am a massive failure as a human bieng.

In the off chance that your are actually curious, my faux pepperoni roll was quite good and my livin' la vida mocha smoothie was also just fine. (Also, you cannot play MEME THE GAME by yourself. It is a 3-4 player game.)

Dream Boards

I highly doubt that bars like Mix Tape will ever displace the dive bars of this world. However, I think that they have accomplished a unique feat in that they have created a bar that seems perfect for people who do not like bars. This is what a safe space looks like.