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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Melange Bistro Bar

Hot Honey Cajun

I've been in Melange Bistro a handful of times during my tenure as a professional drinker in downtown Pittsburgh. It has a different vibe than the rest of the bars located in the golden triangle. As a matter of fact, many of the happy hour guests were perplexed by the scene as there was a birthday party for "Philly Phil" and the beats were going full blast at 7 p.m. Melange Bistro has more of a full-on party vibe as opposed to the sex-in-the-city-old-lady-cocktail-bar image that most downtown bars rock.

Melange offers several specials throughout the week, but the wings are the selling point. I generally don't like breaded wings. Melange wings have a light breading that actually works out very well -  I'd say they are comparable to the wings at Senor Frogs in Dormont. The hot honey cajun wings were wonderfully seasoned and perfectly prepared. (I ordered them extra crispy in true Mark Turic fashion.) Nice and sticky with just the right amount of bite. This is not one of my usual complaints, but I really didn't like the ranch served with the wings. It seemed especially heavy on the mayo.

Melange is a refreshing change of pace for the downtown bar scene, but come prepared to dance and be sure to go on one of the many nights when they have awesome specials.

Here's to you Philly Phil!

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