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Monday, March 18, 2019

Kingfly Spirits

Wow, Kingfly Spirits  - talk about a hip little spot! In the beautifully renovated brick building that used to be home to the Spaghetti Warehouse you will now find mood lighting, jazz, and pure romance.

Before we can discuss Kingfly, I actually need to talk about Spaghetti Warehouse for just a minute. The chain restaurant is the proud owner of top notch domain likely coveted by cousins Vinny everywhere - I feel like they either employed some internet wiz-kid in 1996 or they paid some serious gabagool to snag such a magnificent domain name. Domain names are in short supply for restaurants these days. Also, check out this wonderful review of the now closed Spaghetti Warehouse from Gabriel P. of Yelp.

"This place is a disaster. First, the decor in reminiscent of some sort of condemned fun-house.  The lighting is dark and dank, kind of like a dungeon or a serial killer's basement. The floors and booths all kind of tilt downward to the east, just ever so perceptibly, so you're not really sure if it's real or if you're just imagining it. Maybe the whole place is built on top of an old graveyard full of Italian Grandmas that roll over every time someone sits down for dinner there. The service is really spotty too. The receptionists seem a bit befuddled. The servers seem miserable and exhausted, like they work about 48 hour straight shifts. Or they're just high. Not that I blame them. If I worked there, I'd probably want to get high before I came in to work too."

That's possibly one of the best written Yelp reviews of all time. I don't understand how being seated to the east creates the perception of nothingness, but hey, great job Gabriel! Someone get old Gabriel a nice plate of the gabagool.

Now, back to Kingfly. They really had some great spiced rum, some of the best I've had. I also particularly enjoyed my rickey (bourbon highball with lime and soda), they even make their own soda water.

I would not recommend showing up hungry.  We visited only shortly after the grand opening but the only real options were some nuts and a few dips. I did in fact enjoy the smoked eggplant dip, but then I nearly starved to death after a few cocktails. Overall a great date spot - a bit expensive - but worth it for the ambiance.