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Thursday, December 26, 2013


This is not enough beef to satisfy anyone.
Our dearest friends Lou and Lewis from Tendo Review hosted our review of ASKA in fabulous Brooklyn, NY. Although I'm no expert on foraging or Scandinavia, I really enjoyed my meal. In particular I liked the 1023029 different drinks that were served with each baby course. You can read the full review below at the Tendo Review website.

PGHHH ASKA Review on Tendo Review

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pleasure Bar

Greens keep me regular.

My anglo grandmother always used to pronounce the word Italian "I-talian." She'd say things like, "a real I-talian lady made this pasta sauce, so you know it is going to be good." I don't know if that is a Pittsburgh thing or just something old-timers do.

Pleasure Bar is one of those old school I-talian institutions keenly ingrained in the psyche of Pittsburgh residents. It is kind of an odd spot for happy hour. The bar is well lit, clean and well staffed - there was no music playing in the background. The patrons consisted of old men reading newspapers, goombas in track suits eating various lasagnas and squirrelly looking women that probably used to do your cousin Vinny in the back seat of his Camero.

The happy hour isn't a great deal - fifty cents off every drink. However, the place was crowded so I guess they don't need to give large discounts. I always forget that some people like to go to nice places that don't smell like Satan's ashtray dumped in a urinal. 

I thought the food was slightly above average. I really enjoyed the fried Italian greens pictured above! It was a much larger dish than I was expecting for six dollars. Delicious greens sauteed in olive oil sprinkled with bits of prosciutto - I added hot sausage but you also have the choice of adding sweet sausage or beans.

These block me up.

These hand breaded provolone sticks weren't bad either. Provolone sticks are where it's at - mozzarella sticks are for paupers. The amount of sauce they gave me was kind of absurd. I hate wasting all of that sauce.  Everything else I tried was rather disappointing. The chicken parm just didn't pop. And the one item I was really excited for, the Italian eggroll, just didn't do it for me either. It was entirely lacking in texture and flavor. If I want I-talian in the dirty-burgh, I'm going to Stagioni or Storms. I'd like to add Alla Famiglia to that list, but no one will take me. (This is a Christmas hint to my girlfriend who doesn't read my blog.)

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