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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cappy's Cafe

Chicken Cheese-steak

Cappy's Cafe is a charming little bar right in the heart of Shadyside. The locals swear by the place due to the no-frills atmosphere and the extremely well priced drinks. For example, on Thursday you can enjoy a limited wine bottle selection for only $15. Seating is limited though so arrive early.

I'm not entirely shocked to be the first blogger on Urbanspoon to post a review of Cappy's. It is not exactly a destination eatery. If you have an indecisive friend who makes stupid statements such as, "I don't care, I will eat anywhere." Take them to Cappy's. The "anywhere" of basic bar food.

The menu consists of wraps, hoagies, pizza, wings, sandwiches and some modest appetizers. The french fries are not fried, but baked. Cappy's does not have a deep fryer. Nothing is particularly bad nor is anything particularly good. The purgatory of bar food.

I had a chicken cheese-steak that was outrageously unremarkable. It was under-seasoned but otherwise well prepared and arranged. I have no complaints and I have no words of praise regarding my sandwich. I guess it was like kissing my sister.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm regarding the food, I must praise the staff at Cappy's. The bartenders were extremely friendly and accommodating and the waitress even discounted my sandwich after spilling a glass of wine on me.

PS:  happy hour patrons said they really enjoyed the chili.

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