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Friday, March 29, 2013


This is what I had for dinner on St. Patrick's day.

This St. Patrick's day marks the second St. Patrick's day in a row where I drank too much and didn't ensure that I was able to procure food before happy hour ended. Last year Harp and Fiddle simply forgot to bring me my food. This year, after many car bombs, unsolicited hugs and odd conversations with some broad who said she used to work at the bar, Mahoney's informed me that their kitchen had closed for the evening. In true Michael Scott fashion I ordered a cup of bar olives. Although the bartender found this amusing, he did not provide me with the cup of bar olives I requested.

One week prior to St. Patrick's day, I visited Mahoney's on a scouting mission. I had the smoke-house chicken sandwich with bacon, ham and bbq sauce. I was not disappointed. The chicken was well prepared (IE not tough and gross like the chicken I had for lunch), the bun was fresh and the abundance of pig made me smile. The food at Mahoney's is standard bar fare, burgers, sandwiches and the like. I don't think I'd go out of my way to eat at Mahoney's, but if I was already there I would probably order something.

Now,  on to my real rant.  Pittsburgh is an Irish city. As a matter of fact we have one of the longest running St. Patrick's day parades in the country (Starting in1869.)  Where are all the Irish bars?!?! I'm not counting Claddagh or Mullen's as they are chains and I hate them. Montery Pub is too small and Harp and Fiddle is overdone. So what does that leave? Where are young quarrelsome Irish lads to spend their days? Drop me a line if you know of some secret Irish bars.

Punch me I'm Irish!

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