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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tavern 245

We had a great time at Tavern 245 last week, about thirty people showed up including the infamous Pittsburgh blogger Johnny Jakes from, "JK in the City." I've always been drawn to Tavern 245 for the great open space on the second floor, our group found it very accommodating (no one even said anything when we shuffled 10 tables around for our comfort). We enjoyed the quesadillas, guacamole, nachos and "two grill cheese," but "the farm," pictured above, is our favorite. The farm comes with three different sliders, chicken, pulled pork and a mini fillet. The pulled pork and mini fillet deserve more respect than the chicken, but no one respects a chicken.

The menu is interesting and the drinks are cheap enough to make you want to go back. They also have a small smoking room on the first floor, probably one of the only bars you can smoke in in downtown Pittsburgh now that Bar 110 has gone non-smoking. We are headed to 110 tonight, check back for updates.

Post a comment if you know of any other downtown bars that accommodate smokers, some of our members need their fix and are tired of going outside during happy hour. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bunk That

Blogger arrested for calling a restaurant's noodles too salty! (Article below.) Unbelievable. For everything I hate about this country, at least I can say what I want about restaurants without fear of reprisal. Dear Applebees, your food is too salty. I don't know if this is because you think the super salty food will make me want to drink more beer, but it won't work. I was already going to drink more beer, now I just won't come back because of your salty food.

Six Penn

So Six Penn has decided that they are too important to host our happy hour this week. They left a message with my secretary saying that they are not available. Well, Six Penn, have fun with your stuffy 70-something theater crowd. Although I've been impressed by your food in the past I guess you aren't interested in my business! We will be going to Tavern 245 later tonight and I'll be sure to provide you with some pictures and my thoughts on the food and drink.