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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Tina's is the latest of many new bars in the Pittsburgh hipster cool kid scene. When Amazon moves here Tina's will be ground zero for the resistance. Everyone we encountered at Tina's just seemed so hip. I also have to start by mentioning that the service and cocktails were top notch.

After nearly seven years of happy hours, one thing is certain. We are no longer cool. We have basically completed our transition from 20-something fun people to full grown adults with mortgages and pregnancy scares that are old enough to ride the Jackrabbit.

During our visit to Tina's I noted to the bartender, Elliot, that the muffuletta seemed non-traditional due to the inclusion of a sesame seed roll. Well, Elliot, I apologize. It turns out that I am incorrect and sesame seeds may be incorporated into a muffuletta.

The muffuletta at Tina's was pretty good, but I think it could have used another inch of meat. In my heart a real muffuletta should have almost as much meat as bread. Overall every item we tried from the menu was fairly decent. To quote Michael,  "the pickle was great with a good length but lacking in girth."

The style and format of the menu at Tina's reminded me of the menu at Mix Tape. Think lots of fancy noir style graphics with food listed in a haphazard manner. Quite charming.

Stupid Millennials

Now Tina's used to be this old neighborhood jaunt called Tea Bags. Tea Bags had a certain charm as it was a total dump. I think my old friend Christy put it best when he said that the Pittsburgh bar scene used to be filled with places that a decent woman would not step foot in where men liked to drink to excess and spit on the floor. Much like our mid twenties, those days have passed and very nice places like Tina's are filling the void.