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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Houlihan's - Station Square

"How's that hummus Riesa?" -L "It tastes like hummus." - Riesa
I used to eat at Houlihan's with my grandmother. I didn't have strong feelings about Houlihan's when I was five years old and today I still lack feelings towards Houlihan's. Our relationship is like that of two strangers on a dirty street car exchanging brief words over some shitty chicken strips. Corporate food has no soul.

The cuisine at Houlihan's is entirely unremarkable, but they have some good specials. Half priced drinks and discounted appetizers from 5-7.

One of my spicy happy hour models sports some spicy chicken avocado egg rolls.

I've always had issues with restaurants that offer foods inspired by every geographic area of culinary importance including Mexico, Italy, China, Japan, and Buffalo, New York. Just pick a theme and run with it. When you offer everything I automatically assume that nothing is fresh and everything is bad.

You've probably already been to Houlihan's and I'm sure you've made up your mind about the food. I won't bore you with my thoughts, so here are some of my favorite verbatum quotes from Urbanspoon regarding the Houlihan's at Station Square:

"The area around us was dusty. The shelf could have used a good cleaning. "

"I enjoyed the city view as a backdrop."

"My father got the fajitas which were flavored with teriyaki. Again, weirdly Asian."

"They were quick with the drinks, everyone's checks were correct, and they didn't mind us getting rather rowdy/drunk."

"It's old, tired, and quite literally smelly."

As you can tell from these quotes, and the issues that are important to the average Houlihan's diner, this might not be the best place to take your fancy Manhattan foodie friends. However, if you are looking to get white-girl-wasted with your brother's cousin Darryl, and gnash on some serious organic steamed pot-stickers, please indulge.

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