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Friday, August 9, 2013

Braddock's American Brasserie


I'm not used to receiving rock star treatment when I visit Pittsburgh restaurants. Unlike the folks at Tendo Review I do not wear food blogger shirts and I try not to alert the staff to the fact that I'm silently judging their every move. This week was an exception.

Braddock's put out an incredible spread to welcome the Pittsburgh Restaurant Week food bloggers. They really went all out to impress us - and it worked. I spent a large portion of the evening discussing the direction the restaurant is headed with their new chef, Jason Shaffer. Jason is passionate about food. It is rare that I meet someone who can give me excellent suggestions as to what I need to read about the American culinary scene.
Sometimes I just look at skinny people and wonder if they know what they are missing.
Some of the many dishes I tried included crab cakes, mixed charcuterie and some delicious kielbasa.  Although they were all amazing, the chicken drumsticks cooked in duck fat and the lobster seafood pierogies were my absolute favorite. I'm really not a pierogie guy, but these things were so fantastic that the staff was basically forced to constantly replenish them while we stuffed our faces. Additionally, the buffalo chicken drums were a real knockout. They had been slow cooking for so long that they actually appeared to be chicken wings, but the amount of meat on the bone proved otherwise. Currently Braddock's is offering the seafood pierogies, but they won't be offering the chicken drums cooked in duck fat for another few weeks. I honestly can't wait to see what chef Jason has in store for us - I know I'll be checking in regularly.

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