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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Harp and Fiddle

The Tinkers Plate

I already knew what I wanted before I arrived at the Harp and Fiddle - the tinkers plate. Irish bangers, cheddar cheese, soup, a potato pancake, and salmon. My friend, the Turtleman, managed to order it before I could. (Pictured above. Also take note of his amazing Pittsburgh Happy Hour T designed by the talented Michel Vasiladiotis.) I tried almost everything on his plate, except the salmon. As a matter of fact he said he would murder me if I tried his salmon.

If you follow the Pittsburgh Happy Hour, you know that I like to partake in the libations prior to ordering my food - it is just so hard to continue drinking on a full stomach. So I inquired as to how late the kitchen was open and went about my St. Patrick's day celebrations. I finally got around to ordering my food later in the evening as the warm glow of beer enveloped our happy hour team. Because we were at an Irish bar on St. Patrick's eve eve, the place was swamped. I got caught up in the magic of the Pittsburgh Happy Hour and before I knew what happened it was time to go. I inquired about my food and the waitress said she forgot to place my order. As a matter of fact she also forgot my friend Tyler's nachos. It was a very sad turn of events which resulted in the roof of my mouth being terribly burnt by 1:00 a.m. street pizza. Even though the service was a let down we had a wonderful time, like Irish unicorns.

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