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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bossa Nova

I guess they do have the whole food aesthetic thing down.

I wish I had some pleasant things to say about Bossa Nova - I will try my best. I suppose the drinks are not the most over priced in the history of the world and the bartenders are only moderately rude and snarky. The decor is OK and I did run into Ben Roethlisberger there once while he was hanging out with some of the Pittsburgh Penguins. There, I tried.

The food is just not very well prepared. The menu is somewhat interesting, but everything I tried was uninspiring. The fig and jamon toasts didn't have enough toppings to really let you savor the flavors and the veal and pork meatballs were fine but they just didn't have any special seasoning or accompaniments to make them pop.

One item to avoid, the spinach manchego quesadilla. It was literally spinach on a tortilla, we couldn't even taste the manchego and the amount of spinach gave the quesadilla a very unappealing texture. One item I'd order again, the chef's cheese plate. A pretty decent selection of cheeses that put the Six Penn cheese plate to shame.

"Do you want half of my meatball?" "Sure, just leave it right there on the ground."

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