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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kelly's Bar & Lounge - East Liberty

Kelly's is a bar for hanging out with your trendy late twenty-something friends. The bar is always packed, they feature very fancy drink specials such as the Pimm's Cup and everyone just looks so hansom in their flannel, skinny jeans, sun dress, leather jacket or other alternative fashion look. I like Kelly's for the company and the drinks. Their cocktails are easily some of my favorite in the city, right up there with Mardi Gras and Lefty's. They have an extensive cocktail list and I've never been steered wrong by any of the drink specials, which change daily.

Now, about the food. People rave about the food at Kelly's, especially the macaroni and cheese. I think this is because they are so loose from consuming the libations. The food at Kelly's is bar food. It is just fine, but it is nothing special. I ordered the cajun meatloaf, they were out. So I ordered the poutine tater tots, they were out. I finally settled on the jerk chicken sandwich, it was just awful. The chicken looked like it had been cooked in a sarlacc pit, it was rubber tire black with very little flavor. I had to cover the whole thing in hot sauce and ketchup just to wolf it down.

I really like Kelly's, the bar itself has some fantastic 1950's charm and I think it is just wonderful that they serve food. However, I would make a reservation to eat somewhere down the street like Spoon or Paris 66 and stop by Kelly's just to get loose. Speaking of Paris 66, has anyone been there? My brother raves about it and I've never been.

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