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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toast - Pittsburgh

DO NOT GO TO TOAST FOR HAPPY HOUR. I repeat, do not go to Toast for happy hour. They do not have a happy hour special. Their bar is prohibitively small. If you show up with a large group of people for happy hour, you will be given the stink eye by management. As a matter of fact, when I ordered my charcuterie plate at the bar the server came out and gave me this little spiel about how he, "had no idea where to put my food." I explained to him that he could just put it on the bar and everything would be fine.

I would like to have ordered more food as I found the charcuterie excellent, but the atmosphere was simply not conducive to dining due to the size of our group. In particular, the duck pate was a real stand up act. It was probably one of the creamiest pates I've ever had with a rich sweetness that lent itself well to being spread on fresh bread. Here are my Toast pro-tips: make a reservation, do not attempt to sit at the bar, don't expect a warm welcome from the management and keep in mind that if you want to sample a wine you will be charged. Some restaurants have such good food that they don't need to worry about charming the clientele, this seems to be such an establishment - I just wish I could have tried some of the other dishes.

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  1. Hmmm... I have to wonder about this. I have received nothing but gracious service there. I put an emphasis on service. If it's bad I don't return, no matter how good the food is. Admitedly Toast is a small restaurant and as such probably not a great choice for a large group, but I suspect your experience was an aberration. It's true they don't offer happy hour pricing but their wines prices, and the small taster pours they offer, are very resonable.

  2. Hey Darly, i visited recently and had a similar experience to Pbgh Happy Hour, with a small group of 4