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Friday, October 7, 2011

McCormick & Schmick's Seafood - Worst Fish Tacos Ever

I've always been a tired and weary sailor, particularly when it comes to chain seafood restaurants. McCormick's is just that, a giant seafood conglomerate with over 90 locations nationwide. (We have two in Pittsburgh, one Downtown and one in the Southside.) We set sail to the downtown location after our brief happy hour hiatus.

To their credit, McCormick & Schmick's runs a happening happy hour. The bar was packed with 40 somethings indulging in Chardonnay and chicken wings, we couldn't even find a seat! Additionally, I found the staff extremely accommodating. McCormick & Schmick's extended their regular happy hour for our group. This always makes me feel special, in the warm and fuzzy but non-weird way. Especially when other local establishments tell you that extending happy hour is impossible and then make up some lie about their elaborate computer system.

Unfortunately, this is where my praise of McCormicks must come to an end. Pictured above is the worst fish taco I've ever had. Not only was the taco bland and poorly textured, it was entirely too fishy. The contents of the tortilla included fish, cheese and iceberg lettuce. I find that fish tacos are a little more interesting when they are made with some Napa cabbage, a nice spicy sauce and a little TLC. For all I know this taco could have been made with cat food, that is how it tasted.

I needed something to get the decrepit taste of the fish taco out of my mouth, so I ordered this hansom hummus plate. I must say that both plates were well priced at $1.95 each. I believe the happy hour food menu is the reason that the 40 somethings crowd into every corner of this establishment on a nightly basis. The hummus plate was not bad, but the hummus was about what you would expect from a mid-range store bought hummus, that is to say it was nothing fantastic. Doesn't it look pretty though?

If by some off chance I end up at McCormick & Schmick's again, I will order a steak as I've been told that they have the same food distribution company as Mortons. However, I will avoid the seafood at a seafood restaurant that has not mastered the simple art of the fish taco.

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