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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Olive or Twist

As myself and my happy hour companion Frank Larson sat in front of Olive or Twist, he politely explained to a bible pusher that I was Olive and he was Twist. He told her that we were hired by the bar to promote their fine services and that her presence was requested at the bar. (She was quite attractive.) The bible pusher then attempted to sell her own wares, neither party was interested.

Olive or Twist is easily one of the most popular martini bars in downtown Pittsburgh. I only drink martinis that are made by Chinese immigrants in Canada or my personal bartender at Jack's Rose Bar in the Southside. I opted for the pumpkin ale and a plate of pizza fries.

I didn't really like the fries, but the pizza part was OK. Waffle fries are a novelty wasted on me, particularly when they are frozen as I believe these had been. Overall they weren't bad, but is anything bad when it is covered in pizza?

The caprese salad is one of my personal favorites. I enjoy the simplicity, lack of lettuce and sharp contrast of flavors. The caprese at Oliver or Twist was pretty good, I found the mozzarella and dressing more than acceptable. However, I prefer when young tender basil leaves are used as opposed to the somewhat coarse leaves that were provided by either Olive or Twist.

If you like martinis I recommend trying Olive or Twist. Additionally, I should note that the waitress told me that the calamari is what they are known for. I find that most restaurants of the Olive or Twist caliber tend to serve frozen, pre-cooked calamari so I did not partake. Overall I'd say Olive or Twist was overpriced, overrated and pretentious, but I'm just a simple man of fine tastes.

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