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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Silky's - Squirrel Hill

What do you call a restaurant with terrible service, great food and a decent atmosphere? Silky's! Don't get me wrong, I like Silky's. I really enjoyed myself. But here are some of the fun things we endured. The bartender asked for my name no less than seven times while charging for drinks. Each drink took roughly ten minutes to order. When my friend Ralph Larson tried to close his tab he said, "Larson." The bartender came back and said, "Carson?" he said, "no, Larson." She then walked back and said, "Jarson?" At which point he asked if that was even a real name.

 Also, I learned a new waitress trick. I saw the waitress grab beers that had been sitting around for several minutes and then stir them up with a straw so that it looked like they were freshly poured. REALLY? I'd rather have a headless beer than have my beer adulterated by some young strumpet. What Silky's lacked in service, they provided in the way of food.

Buckles enjoys some wingos.

These were not my chicken wings, but I ate some of them secret style while Buckles was out slapping the bag of meat. (This is not a euphemism, a local Redditor brought a 9lb bag of meat to happy hour and we took turns slapping it. There is a movie on Vine.) The wings were immaculate. An interesting crisp and a great flavor. They could have used more sauce, but the ranch and blue cheese provided with the wings were also very good. I'd compare the style of the wings to Gooski's in Polish Hill, but with a little less crunch.


When expatriates living in Europe bitch about not being able to get a good hamburger, this is the kind of hamburger they are talking about. This burger was succulent and delicious. Covered in blue cheese, mushrooms and bacon. I told myself I wasn't going to eat the whole thing, but then I did because of my low self esteem. Here's a picture of the bag of meat!

The heart wants what the heart wants.

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