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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week PRO TIPS

Normally I limit my professional advice to fine bourbons, discounted cocktails and what style of beer to pair with chicken wings. However, the fantastic folks at Pittsburgh Restaurant Week have solicited advice regarding regarding how to approach fine dining during the week of August 12.

1) Check to make sure that your selected restaurant is actually participating this year!

2) Check your restaurant's Facebook page or Twitter to determine what special they will be offering. (If social media fails you may just have to pick up a phone, jerk.)

3) Use your basic math skills to determine if your restaurant is offering a bona fide special or just a re-purposed common menu offering.

4) Make a reservation! And fast, tables fill up quickly during Pittsburgh Restaurant Week.

5) Determine if your restaurant is BYOB and determine the applicable corkage fee. Depending on the structure of the corkage fee you may wish to bring one fancy bottle of wine or an entire thirty rack of natural light. Some restaurants just charge one blanket fee while others charge per bottle or per glass. Plan accordingly.

Natty Light = Office Romance

6) Call that girl/guy from the office, class, coffee shop or wherever. Woo her/him with your in-depth sensuous knowledge of the menu offerings of your chosen restaurant. Even if you don't get laid, the food should be pretty good.

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