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Friday, July 19, 2013

Readbeard's Downtown

I think one of my favorite aspects of happy hour is that I get to try everyone's food under the pretense that it is necessary because I am one of the most important happy hour food bloggers in Pittsburgh. Throughout the course of the evening I tried Krista's pizza, Christina's sandwich, New York's pasta, Jeff's pickles and a bunch of random french fries that I stole. I can't really say that anything was particularly bad or good.

Redbeard's has a very diverse menu, but honestly, I wouldn't order anything but the chicken wings. I have to give Redbeard's credit as the chicken wings at their downtown location were identical to the wings at their Mt. Washington location - that is to say they are fantastic. I really wouldn't recommend messing around with anything else, but these dummies ordered a bunch of pasta.

Pasta is murder.

All you can eat pasta is a scam. No one can eat enough pasta to make it worth their time. Additionally, who wants to eat a bunch of dumb pasta? After one serving I basically hate the stuff. Most of these people ordered the all you can eat pasta and had one bowl of pasta. For $13.95 I estimate that you can make roughly eight pounds of pasta. So basically, you need to eat about thirty servings of pasta in order to pull one over on the restaurant. I guess $13.95 really isn't that much to spend, I just have a hard time with the concept of  "all you can eat." I don't want to find out how much I can eat. I'm a disgusting monster. To quote Louis C.K., "I don't stop eating when I'm full. The meal is not over when I'm full. It's over when I hate myself."

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