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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Las Velas

Las Velas was a total disappointment. I can't say that I was surprised as I already knew that it was owned by the proprietors of Azul in Leetsdale. (Another Mexican restaurant I don't like.) I would describe the food as boring, uninspired, bland and completely lacking in any type of original or authentic inspiration. I did not pick this location, and I personally won't be going back. What I can say is that no one else from happy hour complained about their food and the margaritas must have been strong because everybody in the club was getting tipsy.

Here were my impressions on what others ordered. The nachos supreme seemed OK.(Pictured above.) The salsa we had brought to the table (for an extra fee) wasn't terrible. The chips were mostly little chip pieces, I looked around the restaurant and everyone seemed to have a basket of little chip pieces. Perhaps this is some awesome new fad I'm not hip to? The guacamole was awful. Entirely too salty and a little too mashed down for my taste. The chorizo quesadilla I tried was exactly what it purported to be, chorizo in a tortilla. It was extremely greasy and it could have used some other ingredients in order to make it more interesting. After sampling food from the others I decided not to order anything.

Instead of playing Russian roulette with the Las Velas menu, I walked across the street to NOLA and ordered the Croque Monsieur. It was fantastic, I really enjoyed the ham and gruyere, and I enjoyed dipping the sandwich in apple butter even more! Do yourself a favor and go to Mexico City if you want Mexican in downtown Pittsburgh. Las Velas does not even come close.

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  1. Went there today for lunch. Had the fish tacos. Served with nasty looking rice and beans that I did not touch. Actual amount of fish in the tacos was disappointing, although they didn't taste horrible. The ones that I made at home recently were way better, in my opinion.

    Brad had the chorizo quesadilla. He didn't read this until after we went there. He says that you forgot to mention that they act "as an instant laxative." His words, not mine.