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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Braddock's American Brasserie

Braddock's is another one of those hotel bars that has a lot to boast for a hotel bar. Don't get me wrong, I love drinking in slummy Holiday Inn bars, as a matter of fact I took one of my ex-girlfriends on a date to a Holiday Inn Bar (I always wonder why my relationships don't work out?!)

Braddock's is very sheik and the food is well crafted with a European flare. They have an excellent whiskey collection, I have to say that no bar we've visited comes remotely close in terms of selection.  Pictured above was my delicious charcuterie plate. I shared with some of my happy hour friends, but promptly consumed the majority of the delicious meats. The pate was my favorite, but I have to give an honorable mention to the prosciutto. I love prosciutto, if prosciutto was a woman I would kiss her on her pink meaty lips.

Unlike my cheese plate at Six Penn, everything on the Braddock's charcuterie plate was very well proportioned. (Don't you just hate it when you end up with too much bread or too little meat?) Happy hour enthusiast, Ben Feldman, even consumed the small salad garnish after I ravished the gherkins. 

This was easily one of the most fun happy hours we've had in a few weeks. Nick Mross and JK Means showed up to film part of their new web series, "Florida Nights." While we were doing some filming in front of the bar people started snapping photos with their cell phones, I guess they figured they were on the set of Batman. Nice try you looky-lous, we are super hansom and beautiful, but not Batman hansom and beautiful.

Also, we added a little strange to our happy hour by partaking in shots. Usually we try to keep our cool, but everyone was really excited this week and we enjoyed each others company a little more than usual with the aid of some liquid remedy. Braddock's has some poor reviews online but I like everything I've ever tried at the bar. The staff was even kind enough to allow us to film in the bar, so no complaints on this end.

Who are you calling a dip? The Turtleman's French dip sandwich.

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