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Friday, August 16, 2013

Games N' At

You know when you are there.
Games N' At is one of the strangest places I've been in a long while. For example, the large sign above the entryway advertises a website that does not work. Also, the establishment is filled with hidden Easter eggs like the weird happy birthday room with a very peculiar phone booth closet with covered windows. (This is where the birthday clown takes you for your special birthday surprise.)

I've noticed many complaints that people aren't sure what they are paying for when they come to Games N' At as some of the games cost extra money. This complaint is ridiculous. For eight dollars you get two hours worth of access to classic arcade games, pinball machines, basketball machines, foosball, air hockey, pool and console video game systems. They require you to pay extra for duck-pin bowling ($2), skee-ball, whack-a-mole and other games where you win tickets for crappy prizes that you don't want. The real deal is that Games N' At is BYOB. They charge a small amount per six pack, but they did not charge us either time for large bottles of wine and whiskey. They provide refrigerator space and a back room to drink in as well. (This way you don't feel guilty slamming wine coolers in front of young children.)

Most of the arcade games are the ones you might remember from your childhood if you were born in the early 1980's. Many of them have mechanical problems. We had issues with most of the shooting games, Capcom versus Marvel, the Alpine Racer game and one of the duck-pin bowling lanes.

Drinking out of the bottle at the bowling alley is great.

Because of my affection for bowling, I forget that most people don't know what duck-pin bowling is.  The games is played and scored in the same manner as normal bowling, but everything is smaller and the balls don't have finger holes. A product of the early 1900's, duck-pin bowling barely exists in real life. The few remaining duck-pin bowling alleys are mainly in the Northeast United States. There are claims that the game originated in Baltimore, but I doubt it. The only thing good to come out of Baltimore was the premise for the HBO television series, "The Wire."

This actually wasn't terrible.

The most amazing thing about the food at Games N' At was how not terrible it was. It was either because it wasn't terrible, or because I drank most of that large bottle of wine, but the food wasn't terrible. The chicken nuggets were just like the kind you were served as a child and the pizza actually wasn't bad at all. It was easily as good as Digornio or little league baseball pizza.

Here's a picture of a bunch of crappy prizes that seemed like pure gold from ages 4-12.

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  1. I'm really glad you wrote this review. Games n'at has been a place I've been trying to get to for years, especially for my birthday. When I tried to go there last year for my birthday (we called ahead of time to get info), Alcoholics Anonymous was having a party there already so they said we couldn't BYOB. Kind of a bummer. After reading this, I'm definitely trying again for happy hour soon!

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