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Monday, April 22, 2019


Soju is one of the more interesting Pittsburgh restaurant openings from the last year. The space is warm and intimate and features a beautiful bar with lots of that wood paneling that is currently fashionable. Pictured above are the kim-chi pancake, fried tofu, rice cakes and bibim bap.

I genuinely enjoyed all of the food I sampled during happy hour. The tofu and pancake were two of my favorites and the beef I managed to snag off of some stranger's plate was also remarkably good. I was not a fan of the Korean rice cakes (Tteokbokki), but that's because I just don't like rice cakes.

Korean rice cakes have an extremely glutinous texture that could be compared to super soggy gnocchi. They really don't have much flavor on their own and rely heavily on the accompanying sauce. I would compare chocking down Korean rice cakes to chewing on some old flavorless bubble gum that has been left out in the sun to decompose and then covered in a spicy red sauce. Gross.

In general, the prices were fantastic for happy hour. You can expect $2 soju shots, half off craft beers and a discounted specialty cocktail that rotates daily. Most of the food was reasonably priced as well with the exception of a side dish of kim-chi, which I believe was $6. (I can get a whole jar of kim-chi for that price, or even better make a whole gallon of it!)

The cheesecake was also quite interesting, it was light and airy, somewhat different from the traditional New York style cheesecake to which I am accustomed. I feel obligated to point out that the bartenders were extremely nice and accommodating to us, but this place really isn't ideal for larger groups due to their size. Go check them out in addition to Pittsburgh's annual Korean Food Bazaar which should be coming up sometime in May.

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