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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hemingway's - Oakland

Chicken Marsala
Hemingway's is a middling college themed dive bar situated directly on the University of Pittsburgh campus. Hemingway's used to be my second favorite college bar at Pitt, that is, until Boomerang's closed a few years ago. Now Hemingway's is my favorite middling college themed dive bar. 

So, I know. Ordering chicken marsala at a college dive bar isn't the safest bet. But I'm adventurous. I see no point in reviewing trivial foods such as chicken wraps or cheesy french fries. Despite my low expectations, the chicken marsala at Hemingway's really wasn't that bad. The chicken had a good texture and flavor. I'm all but certain that the sauce was haphazardly slopped on the chicken at the last minute - real chicken marsala is simmered in marsala wine over a long time period. However, the Hemingway's chicken marsala was much better than the chicken marsala I was served at Papa J's Centro (which is supposedly an Italian restaurant.) I'd like to add that Hemingway's does a half price menu in the early afternoon and the late evening - great for a half price lunch time salad.

Anyhow, if you are going to Hemingway's for chicken marsala, you are probably a fool. The bar specializes in extremely cheap beer and shots. A pitcher of yuengling only costs six dollars. This isn't a special, this is the everyday price for a pitcher of yuengling. Additionally, Hemingway's serves shots by the pitcher. The Pittsburgh Happy Hour favorite is a shot pitcher called the, "Miley Cyrus." The Miley Cyrus consists of peach schnapps, vodka and some mixers. It is appropriately served with a handful of dum-dums. I've literally seen girls fall out of their chairs and start making out after consuming these things. One time Miley Cyrus shots even resulted in a cake war that was frowned upon by management. 

Cardio Stix
This is my personal favorite dish at Hemingway's. The cardio stix are cheese sticks covered in hot sauce, more cheese and bacon. They are a fine example of a food that is perfectly suitable for a college aged individual and entirely unsuitable for any adult attempting to lead a responsible lifestyle.

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  1. Consuming cheese topped with cheese product sauce is a prereq. for an appearance on The Biggest Loser