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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grille on Seventh

I really want to give Grille on Seventh a positive review. The staff was great, they even provided us with our own special happy hour deals and a number of free drinks. However, I just thought the menu was lackluster and devoid of any interesting options. It consisted of fairly standard bar food with extravagant price tags. I think this bar is able to capitalize on their prime location due to their proximity to the theater scene. In general, all of the bars in this part of town are somewhat expensive and mediocre. Apparently old people who go to the theater don't have good taste buds or financial constraints. (Who knew??)

Here are the chicken wings I ordered from Grille on Seventh. They weren't awful and the presentation in particular was quite nice, but I would have liked them to be a little crispier with some additional kick. One of the other happy hour guests thought they were plenty spicy, but they just tasted buttery to me. After Grille on Seventh we stopped by Meat and Potatoes for some dessert. I noticed they had a leg of prosciutto on the bar for serving, so I inquired. I was told, "that is an Iberian prosciutto which came from a pig that was fed nothing but truffles and chestnuts." I called bullshit and insisted the pig probably eats its own feces just like all other pigs. The server looked at me nervously and asked if I'd like to try some. I think it may have been the best prosciutto I've ever had, even if the pig did eat its own feces.

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