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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bites and Brews

After visiting 1947 Tavern I knew that I wanted to visit Bites and Brews. The two establishments are actually connected, but the atmosphere of Bites and Brews is much more casual.1947 Tavern is where I might take an elegant debutante out for a pimm's cup or a manhattan.  Bites and Brews is where I would take some girl I met at a video rental store while browsing through the romantic comedy section. (Please note that both of these scenarios are equally impossible as I do not know any debutantes in Pennsylvania nor do I watch romcoms.)

Bites and Brews has a rather limited menu. You can choose from a few modest appetizers, but the real attraction is the design your own pizza worksheet. I've seen these worksheet-style menus at sushi restaurants before, but I've never seen such a technique employed by a pizza shop. I really liked the approach and I think it encourages pizza creativity.

I started with the garlic knots. They weren't bad, but I do not think they were made with fresh garlic. I'm pretty sure they were just seasoned with garlic salt. The garlic knots were tasty, but fresh garlic can do wonders. (And it is good for you!)

For happy hour a small two topping pizza is only $5. This is a great deal and the pizza was pretty good. A nice crispy crust with acceptable sauce and topping proportions. If you've had a lot of pizza around Pittsburgh, I'd compare it to Montecello's or Pizza Roma's in Sewickley. I enjoyed my pizza, but the beer selection was the real crowd pleaser. I'd say that Bites and Brews had at least twenty different beers on tap, including local brews and specialty brews. If you meet that magical lady at the video rental store, make sure to show up before seven in the evening so that you can get a table and a half priced pizza.

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