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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bar 110

I.C. Light Mango
Bar 110 is one of those great bars where I'm comfortable drinking alone. As a matter of fact I fondly remember an evening about a year ago where I drank alone next to a dancing homeless man. (I called him dancing Pete and threw nickels at him.) I recall another evening where I drank alone and ended up getting interviewed for a local newspaper because the guy next to me was interested in my conversation with the bartender.

If you've never been, Bar 110 runs great daily specials and actually has some very fine bar food. My personal favorite are the cheese sticks which are hand breaded. How many bars honestly take the time to hand bread their cheese sticks?! I'd say one in fifty, but what do I know, I only run the most prestigious happy hour in Pittsburgh.

Also, one of our loyal happy hour compatriots had the courage to try the new I.C. Light MANGO. It honestly wasn't all that bad, heavy on the mango flavor, kind of like drinking old koolaid. The best description I had to go on before trying it myself was from one of the staff members of the Gateway Clipper. He told me very matter-of-factly, "it's like I.C. Light, but with Mango."

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