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Friday, May 23, 2014

Benjamin's Burgers - Northside


They should change the name of "Benjamin's Burgers" to "Benjamin's Bomb-ass Burgers." Really, the burgers are that good. They easily rival my favorite burger in the city which is Winghart's. Coincidentally, my opinion is well supported by Andrew of the Pitts-Burger food blog. He rates Benjamin's at 7.6 and Winghart's at 7.1. I think the two are a little closer, but each single hamburger experience is subjective, so it is what it is.

Pictured above is the Benjamin's cured meat plate. Although it did not stand out as one of the best cured meat plates I've tried in Pittsburgh, it was an absolute steal for $5. (Appetizers are half off during happy hour.) Honestly, I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better meat plate in the entire city for $5. My chief complaints are that I would have liked more pickled vegetables and it seemed as though the meat had been sliced several days ago. Considering the size of the kitchen, I imagine this is actually the case.

Also Sorta a Meat Plate

This burger was absolutely dripping in deliciousness. Candied jalapeno cream cheese and bacon to boot! It was really a great combination. The candied jalapeno cream cheese had a subtle sweetness with a fantastic bite. It melted beautifully all over the warm burger and it was perfectly paired with the thick cut bacon. I'd rank this amongst the best burgers I've had in Pittsburgh. 

When we decided to go to Benjamin's I solicited comments from the general public. Here are some complaints I received and my opinion as to each complaint.

Side Dishes: They do not offer french fires and the side dishes don't pair well with hamburgers.

FALSE: The side dishes are just fine. Just because you are accustomed to eating hamburgers with french fries doesn't mean it is a requirement. I thought the curried cole-slaw was delicious.

Smell: You will smell like a hamburger when you leave.

TRUE: You will definitely smell like a hamburger when you leave. As you can see below the kitchen is awfully small and situated directly behind the bar.

Service: The service is awful.

Well...... I had great service at Benjamin's last week, but I've had trouble getting a drink in the past. The quality of service can vary based on the size of the crowd. I wouldn't call it awful though.

Grease: The hamburgers are very greasy.

TRUE:  The hamburgers are cooked on a griddle, so they may be more greasy than you are accustomed to. Personally, I think that's what makes them so god-damn delicious.

Isn't it the cutest little kitchen you've ever seen?

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