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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Buckhead's Saloon

For quite sometime I went to Buckhead's every Tuesday night. They used to have this remarkable special where you could order twelve-ounce draft beers for twenty-five cents. They would only let you order three at a time, so we devised a scheme. Five of us would rotate ordering drafts and rotate bartenders. We'd hide our beers out of sight in the back of the bar until we amassed roughly 80-100 beers. Needless to say, they eventually caught on and ended the special. It was the first time I played a part in ruining a bar special. The dream is now dead. I'm relegated to spending a dollar-fifty on Blue Moons at 1311 on Tuesdays.

In all my days drinking at Buckhead's, I never tried the food. I think I may have had some cold chicken wings out of a chaffing dish once, but I'm pretty sure I never ordered anything. I genuinely expected to have to write a terrible review of a menu item that was simply listed as, "potachos." Imagine how shocked I was when they actually turned out to be a rather delicious snack.

Fresh cut potato chips slathered in bbq sauce and nacho cheese with a fine dusting of bacon. While I'm not exactly proud to admit that I consumed this dish, it was pretty damned good.  The textures and flavors worked together harmoniously. Exactly the type of snack you would want if you were attempting to consume 80-100 twelve-ounce draft beers or if you love NASCAR or hunting. My main complaint is that the kitchen fan must not have been working because my jacket smelled like potacho grease and hot trash for at least five days following my visit to Buckhead's.

Buckhead's can be a fun Pittsburgh bar to visit. They host all sorts of events, there's tons of space, they have all sorts of dead animals on the walls and the bartenders are cute. But there's something about the vibe of Station Square that makes you feel like you're trapped somewhere between the 1990's and 2004.

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