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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chicken Latino

Quarter Chicken, Beans and Slaw


These Peruvians know their meat. The food at Chicken Latino doesn't look fancy, but it is delicious. The prices are insanely reasonable and the rotisserie chicken is very well seasoned. A quarter bird will only set you back $3.99. Throw in some yucca fries, some watery beans and some very mediocre cole-slaw and you've got a whole meal for less than ten bucks!

One of the best restaurant features is that they encourage BYOB. Nobody even batted an eyelash as we unleashed roughly four bottles of wine, two bottles of whiskey, about twenty beers and what was left of Rashan's bar. (Triple sec and bunch of crap, that's what.) However, they do close shop rather early. Get there by six or you might not even be guaranteed any delicious chicken let alone the opportunity to consume 35 drinks on premise.

There's a lot happening on the table.

The chicken itself is succulent and flavorful. A poor man's paradise. I've never ordered off of the American portion of the menu, but I can vouch for the quesadilla and the slow cooked pork. (Only available on weekends.) In general, I'd avoid the sides, the nachos and salsa and the desserts. All are reasonably priced, but entirely forgettable.

Here's a picture of some cake I wouldn't order again.

I want to add that the staff is very friendly and welcoming and the business seems to be sustained by repeat customers who pick-up chicken to take home. You won't have trouble finding a seat at the restaurant any day of the week.

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