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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Carson Street Deli - Southside

Slider Combo
I've only been in the Carson Street Deli a handful of times. They really know how to take care of their customers. First of all, they offer weekly free beer tastings. I think this is a wonderful gesture, particularly due to the amazing array of local craft beers on tap. Mostly beers from breweries like Helltown, East End and Troegs, but I was also surprised to see some other fantastic gems on tap such as the Delirium Noel.

In addition to the wonderful beer selection, I think I managed to sample about eight different sandwiches during my visit. Considering that the Carson Street Deli offers about thirty different sandwiches, I really appreciate that you can order slider samples of any three sandwiches for only $7.50. I tried the Godfather, the Montezuma's revenge and the Sicilian - pictured above. My favorite was the Montezuma's revenge, warm delicious buffalo chicken with green and red peppers and melted hot pepper cheese - like an adult sloppy joe but with actual flavor and texture. I always have trouble choosing between sandwiches, so the slider special was really great for me. No matter what choice I make, I'm immediately saddled with sandwich-envy as soon as a different sandwich appears anywhere in my vicinity. The slider combo did a fine job of placating my indecision.

Finally, as if they hadn't done enough - the staff gave us some free cookies! I highly recommend stopping by the Carson Street Deli as soon as you find yourself craving a delicious sandwich or some local craft brews.

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