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Thursday, May 17, 2012

BRGR - East End

I think it is impossible to say that one restaurant in Pittsburgh has the best burger. The ideal hamburger is a result of what meat is available the day of your visit, who is working in the kitchen, the freshness and quality of other ingredients and a myriad of other factors. I've had amazing and mediocre hamburgers from the exact same establishments at certain times. I don't think it is fair to say that any one restaurant has the best burger - we can merely attempt to appreciate and qualify the aspects of each individual burger experience. As a side note, I recommend checking out Pitts Burgers, "home of the continuing quest for the greatest burger in the Burgh."

Shrooms burger.
The burgers at BRGR are good, damn good. The meat was well seasoned, fresh and cooked to specification. My one complaint is that I didn't particularly appreciate any of the menu selections. I had a hard time selecting a hamburger as the burger options all seemed a bit contrived - I'm not really sure I want pastrami or short rib on my hamburger. I went with the shrooms burger, it was very good but it could have used more shrooms. For my money I would rather venture to Burgatory or Winghart's where I found the menu selections to be more to my liking.

BRGR was actually much better than I had imagined though, the alcoholic milkshakes were fantastic. What could be better than a delicious milkshake that gets you drunk? The happy hour is pretty decent, they offer a variety of discounted drinks but you will need to sit at the bar for some of them. Finally, the staff was fantastic. Very accommodating, friendly and sexy. My kind of people. Pro-tip, if you are going in a large party they will not give you separate checks. No need to bring your own calculator though, they offered to let us use theirs.

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  1. I've been curious to try BRGR for quite sometime - if only to contrast from Burgatory. I have to agree that it is a difficult decision to crown the best Burger in Pittsburgh.

    When I first moved to Pittsburgh I was always told that Tessaro's had the best Burger in the Burgh, but that was well before the specialty-burger-revolution in Pittsburgh.

    I still look forward to checking out BRGR, but will also likely steer clear of the pastrami burgers.